FJO Water-Methanol Injection Kit (Dual Nozzles) 1100-1600HP

List price: $853.50
Price: $853.50

FJO Racing Products releases it’s standalone Water Injection System. This product is styled after the very popular water injection accessory of FJO 341B System.
The use of water and methanol to control detonation in high compression or boosted engines is a time proven technology. This advanced product is engineered to deliver a fine mist that can be precisely metered based on MAP PSI, TPS, RPM, and Fuel injector duty-cycle. With the use of 1 and 2 dimensional maps, it is possible to program the controller to deliver exactly the correct amount of spray without the risk of flooding the combustion chamber. Our unique nozzle-solenoid design allows for instant control and delivers a mist so fine that complete evaporation is almost instantaneous. This results in a more effective use of the spray without risk of condensation in the intake. The FJO Water Injection system is constructed using materials which are engineered for and unaffected by water and methanol. To avoid compromising the performance of the system, materials such as brass, raw or anodized aluminum, raw or plated steel, natural rubber, and silicone should not be used as they are not suitable for use with water and/or methanol.
Built to the same rugged specifications as all of FJO's products, this system sets a new standard in water injection.


  • Spray volume based on MAP PSI, TPS, RPM, and Fuel injector duty-cycle
  • Integrated 48 PSI MAP sensor
  • System is fully methanol rated
  • Nozzle-solenoid delivers ultra-fine mist achieving instantaneous evaporation with precise metering
  • High pressure 100% duty-cycle pump
  • Easy to use graphic set-up menus using PC
  • Closed loop operation with optional pressure transducer
  • System is expandable


  • Free updates/upgrades to software and controller firmware for the life of the product
  • User installable firmware update using PC
  • Built for the racing environment to withstand heat, vibration, dirt and water
  • Free direct technical support

2nd Gen Water-Methanol Injection Kit includes:

  • Controller with software and cables
  • Solenoid-nozzle Assembly
  • Stainless Filter
  • Controller pressure sensor accessory kit (includes sensor, cable and fitting)
  • Install kit with fittings, hose, nozzle bungs (aluminum & stainless
  • 12vdc high pressure pump

Note: Support horsepower levels from 1100-1600 with a second Solenoid Nozzle. Includes installation kit with T-Fittings


  • FJO Racing
SKU: KWI2100-Dual